How to Apply a Stain

Step 5.

Clean up with warm soapy water.

Step 4.

If a darker color is desired, sand lightly with fine sandpaper, wipe clean & apply a second coat. Make sure stain is completely dry before applying Old Town Paints Finishing Products.

Step 1.

Stir Stain before and during application.

Step 2.

Apply Old Town Paints Stain liberally in the direction of the wood grain, using a synthetic bristle brush or clean, lint free cloth.

The brush or cloth should be saturated with the Stain to help ensure controlled penetration and prevent lap marks.

For application on Fiberglass, Steel or Masonite:

1. Clean all dirt, grease and wax. Allow to dry thoroughly.

2. Stir Old Town Paints Stain thoroughly before and during application. Work one section at a time.

3. Do NOT sand bare surface. Sanding may damage the surface. On fiberglass doors, apply using a

     lint-free cloth in a circular motion, working the Stain into the embossed grain pattern.

     Next, use your Stain cloth and to smooth the Stain in the direction of the simulated grain.

     On Masonite and Steel doors, apply using a synthetic bristle brush.

     Use a dry soft-bristle brush to feather out lap marks. Allow to dry thoroughly.

4. On non-wood surfaces such as steel and fiberglass allow to dry 24 hours before applying one of      Old Town Paints Finishing Products. Drying times may vary depending on temperature and


Step 3.

Wipe off excess Stain using a clean lint- free cloth.

Allow to dry at least 3 hours on wood surfaces. Allow to dry overnight if applying thick like a paint.