Looking for some inspiration, Check out these color collections

Old Town Paints has over 85 colors to choose from, but if you still can't find that perfect color..... Try mixing one of your own

Try a Tint, Tone or Shade

Tint = Adding White

Creates a Pastel Color

         Tone = Adding Gray 

Creates Value and Intensity      

              to a Color

Shade = Adding Black

Creates a Deeper Color

2 parts - Stormy Seas  +     1 Part - Cast Iron      =

1part - Stormy Seas    +    1 part - Dark Gray      =                             

 ​1part - Stormy Seas    +  1 part - Vintage White  =                             

One easy way to insure a great look is to stick to the same color family. This is called Monochromatic. Blues go with Blues, Greens go with Greens.

If you are looking for some "pop in color" for your project, explore opposites. Colors opposite each other on the color wheel look great together! Warm colors like Red & Yellow have cool colors that make them pop like Green & Violet. This is called a Complementary Color scheme.

Consider existing colors in the room and consider what mood you may want to create. Bright & Cheerful, or a Softer, Muted and Calm atmosphere. The Color Wheel shows you the three primary colors. Red, Yellow & Blue. They are called Primary Colors because they cannot be created by mixing any other colors. These three Primary Colors are in all other colors. The three Primary colors make up the three Secondary Colors of Orange, Green & Purple, These Primary and Secondary Colors make up the six basic colors of a standard Color Wheel.

All colors are either Warm ( from the Red/ Yellow side of the wheel) or Cool (from the Blue/Violet side). They are either light or dark, and can be bright and pure or subdued. Color can help you set the emotional balance of a room and affect the way you feel when you are in it.

We realize that sometimes picking the perfect colors can seem intimidating & overwhelming. Color is one of the most important aspects to consider in decorating a room with any paint finish.  What colors work well together? What colors enhance one another?

Why do some colors seem to affect your mood? Here's where the Color Wheel can help.

Choosing a Color Scheme