Step 3.

Wipe off any excess until you have achieved the look you are after.

The first wiping will give it a translucent stain but if you wipe again, the wood will look more like a limed oak with paint only in the grain.

Step 2.

Apply the color wash with a brush or cloth, working it in every direction to be certain it goes into the grain of the wood.

Step 1.

A color wash is created by diluting our paint with water. We recommend 10 parts water to 1 part paint, but you may alter this measurement to achieve the exact look you want.

Pour your color choice of Old Town Paints Chalk Style Finish Paint into water.  Mix well.


  • Old Town Paints Chalk Style Finish Paint
  • Water
  • Mixing Container
  • ​Mixing Stick
  • Paint brush or cloth

A color wash can be used to bring out the grain in wood 

Create a Color Wash