Step 5. ​

Soak dyed item in a clear water bath.

Rinse until water runs clear. 

Step 6. 

​Lay Item flat and let dry.

Step 4. 

Insert item to be dyed into container and soak.

When item has absorbed the colored water to your liking, remove it.

Step 3. 

Mix well with Stir Stick.

Step 2.

Carefully pour Old Town Paint into water, a little at a time until you reach the color of your choice.

Tip:  It is much easier to add a little more paint than thinning the color with more water. 

Step 1. 

You will need you Old Town Paints - Chalk Style Finish Paint, Container for water (large enough to hold your Textile, Wood, or Item you are going to dye), Water, Stir Stick.

​Create a Dye