How to use Old Town Paints Chalk Style Finish Paint

Step 6.

Once your painted piece has dried, (2-4 hours) you are ready to seal it for protection and durability with one of Old Town Paints Finishing Products.

Step 1.

Clean your piece thoroughly. You want to remove all the dirt and oils from your piece prior to painting it.

 Step 2. 

 Let it dry. 

Step 4. 

Dip your paint brush into Old Town Paints Chalk Style Finish Paint and apply the paint to your project.

Be sure to fully cover your piece.


Step 5.

Let dry.

Shabby Chic Paint Colors

Old Town Paint Colors

Layered Colors

Step 3.

Mix Paint thoroughly.

Old Town Paint & Shabby Chic Paints create a soft, matte, chalky finish that gives pieces that vintage look.

All of our products are water based and mix easily to achieve different looks.

No need for priming or sanding prior to painting. Our formulation is easy to distress.

It's a multi surface paint ideal on many surfaces including wood, metal, walls, floors and fabric.

It's so easy to use! The most difficult part is deciding what colors to use.