How - To Stencil

Step 1.

Gather Supplies. Project to paint, stencil brush, paint brush, stencil & tape if necessary

Step 3.

Either hold Stencil flat, or secure with tape if working at an angle.

Using a firm Stencil Brush, dip paint in paint, and swipe of a bit of paint on piece of paper, so it will not drip. Pounce brush straight up and down, being careful not to push the paint under the edges of the stencil.

Step 4. 

Completely apply paint to all cut outs in stencil and then, carefully pull the stencil away from project.  Let dry.

Step 2.

Paint background on project and let dry. Project shown here is a Corkboard.

Step 5.

After your project is completely dry, you can seal with a clear finish if you like!