Step 1.

Choose an upholstered piece of furniture

that has good lines, and may have seen better days. Make sure that there are no tears in the fabric, because they can not be "repaired" with paint. 

Step 2.

Wipe down both the wood and fabric.

Step 3.

Dilute paint with water, so it is thin enough to be easily absorbed into the fabric.


Step 4.

Using a large stencil brush, work the paint into the fabric with a scrubbing motion. Completely cover the fabric with paint. Using a silver tip Wooster brush, smooth the finish by going in one direction. Be careful, not to go back and forth. You will have the best result making your brush stokes in the same direction. Let Dry.

Tip: If your paint is too thick on the fabric, you can use a spray bottle with water and spritz the painted area, and smooth with brush.

Step 5.

A glaze may be added if you like. 

How to Paint Fabric