Old Town Paints Stains apply easily and penetrate for a beautiful, rich, uniform color. Available in eight different colors.

Old Town Paints Stains are available in 4 oz. & 16 oz.

Available in 21 of our most popular colors.

All the benefits of our Chalk Style Finish Paints with No sanding, No priming, and now... No sealing is required.

Super Matte Finish

​Transform your furniture or cabinetry in one step.

Simply Finished Paints


Non-Toxic   No VOC's   Made in USA


Old Town Paints Metallic Finish will give your piece a very vibrant sparkle while sealing and protecting at the same time.

Old Town Paints Metallic Finishes are available in 4oz. & 16 oz. 

Metallic Finishes

Metallic Waxes

Old Town Paints is proud to introduce six Metallic Waxes. Not only will these Waxes protect & seal your project, they will add the perfect shine and sparkle. 

Old Town Paints Metallic Waxes are available in one size, 4oz.


Old Town Paints Waxes have a wonderfully natural feel that will protect and seal your project. Our waxes come in five different colors.

Old Town Paints Waxes are available in two different sizes,

4oz. & 16oz.

Clear Finishes

Old Town Paints Clear Finish is a crystal clear, fast drying protective topcoat. Our Clear Finishes are recommended for any project that will have "high traffic" or exposure to water. They have a UV Protectant and are perfect for outdoor projects. Our Chalk Style Finish Paint can be mixed with our Clear Finishes to create a custom colored finish, giving a beautiful translucent colored finish.

Old Town Paints Clear Finishes are available in three sizes,

4oz, 32oz quart size & Gallon.


Old Town Paints' Glazes add the Finishing Touch to any project. With six different Glazes to choose from, including a clear, that can be tinted with any color of our paints, you are sure to get that perfect look.

Old Town Paints Glazes are available in two sizes, 4oz. & 16oz.

Chalk Style Finish Paints

Old Town Paints offers two collections of Chalk Style Finish Paint in over eighty five colors to choose from. Custom colors can be created by mixing any of our paints. The color combinations possibilities are endless!

Old Town Paints Chalk Style Finish Paint is available in three sizes,

4oz , 32oz quart size & Gallon.